Version 2.0.0 Released!

2 months 1 week ago #205 by AppsConda ApS
The most awaited version of 2.0.0 is now live. This version has some great new features.
  • 15 new WebView type of menus have been added. This means, you can now have 15 more menus on the app, and each one can accept a url. So, that means, you can now integrate any page of your website to the mobile app just by placing its url in the menu. This has made AppsConda to have universal compatibility, which means, AppsConda is now compatible with ALL the extensions.
  • Your Joomla server must have CURL and JSON features enabled. This is required for the compilation of the app. These are basic features which are available by default on all shared hosting. We have now added some checks to the App Compilation page so that it shows some message if it finds any such missing PHP extensions.
  • You can now have CSS styling for your website only on the mobile app. For that, simply install/enable the css plugin and enter the css code inside the plugin.
  • This has now persisted login. So, that means, once the user is logged into the app, the user will remain logged in into both, the website (web pages accessed through WebView menus) and the app.
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