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Dragic is 35, but his per-36-minute averages this season - 18.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, 5.9 assists - are roughly the same as the numbers he had during his lone All-Star season in 2017-18. Bringing him off the bench over the last couple of years might have extended his career.Memorial Day weekend this year looks drastically different from last. The sports world is no longer on hold, and there are plenty of Chicago games happening to fill your free time this holiday weekend.
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In the 2018 Western Conference finals, Paul pulled a hamstring just as the Houston Rockets had the Golden State Warriors on the ropes. That was after a hamstring injury derailed Paul and the LA Clippers in 2015, and a hand fracture in 2016, then a foot fracture to his Clippers co-star Blake Griffin in 2017.
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The moves game about 12 hours after the 17-time NBA champions lost to the Brooklyn Nets in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. The Celtics, who reached the conference finals in three of the previous four seasons, had flirted with a top-four seed in the East for much of the season before stumbling into the play-in round. Houston Rockets  Back Pack Kyrie Irving pledged to re-sign with the Celtics in 2018, brooded through the season, self–destructed in the playoffs then left for the Nets that summer. Toronto Raptors Back Pack fashbackpack.comHoops Elite NBA Backpack CustomAnd instead of cowering or falling to old habits, the Bucks made the Miami Heat go “poof” in quick fashion, perhaps the first step in changing the narrative — or at the very least, returning the favor in exposing Miami’s roster flaws, creating questions for the future. Boston Celtics Back Pack Simmons struggled mightily from the free throw line, going 5 of 11 in Game 4. Simmons is 5 for 20 in the series and was fouled on purpose down the stretch Monday. Miami Heat Back Pack

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