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Gently directed by Pan Nalin (Samsara), Last Film Show is a sweet little ode to the magic of movies, which plays out through the eyes of Samay, the son of a tea shop owner by a railroad station. Every day, Samay’s mother makes him his lunch — a veritable feast of stir-fried vegetables and curries — and he catches a train to the local town, where he and the other boys bike to their small school, taught by a single teacher. But as soon as Samay sits at his desk, his thoughts turn immediately to movies, the images playing and replaying in his head as he makes his next plan to sneak into the local Galaxy Theater. But after he’s kicked out yet again, he runs into long-time Galaxy projectionist Fazal (a warmly cynical Bhavesh Shrimali), who agrees to a deal: Samay can watch movies from the projection booth, if he gives Fazal his mother’s delicious lunch meals.
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We don’t have to wait much longer to see James Gunn‘s new DC Comics movie The Suicide Squad. The big blockbuster sequel/reboot will arrive in theaters and on HBO Max in August and if you’re wondering how this movie may stand out from the previous and much-maligned film, James Gunn has the perfect way to describe the movie: “It’s a war-caper movie with shitty supervillains.” Get a look at a couple new The Suicide Squad images below.
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Stephen Schwartz: I would come in with a title, maybe a couple of lines for Alan to be inspired by. We would talk about the whole unit, its job from a storytelling point of view. He would write some music. I could say, “I liked that. Let’s follow that.” He’d push a button and there would be a sloppy printout, enough that I could play it as I was starting the lyrics. Kids' T-Shirt
Jason Alexander: Some children might be frightened by Quasi’s look or not be able to understand the complexity. But what we see is an honest, innocent and capable underdog confront his obstacles and naysayers and emerge triumphant, seen and accepted. I think young people rally to those stories. They can handle the fearsome and celebrate the good.
Will Finn: We brought in a ton of voice-over actresses and none sounded like Mary. One night, I woke up thinking about Jane Withers, who had been a character actress in the golden age of Hollywood. She had a similar twang in her voice, and very luckily, she was alive and well. T-SHIRT
Jane Foster debuted as the female Thor in the October 2014 issue of Thor, with a brand-new costume, which included a helm, metal breastplate, a red cape, a leather belt and skirt thing, and a black bodysuit underneath. From what we can see of the Mighty Thor on the T-shirt, the Marvel Cinematic Universe take is pretty close to the comics, with perhaps a more elaborate and tactical breastplate. Short Sleeve T-Shirt
After their Pompeii trip, Mobius and Loki head to the research stacks. There, they try to find the apocalypse where/when the Big Bad Variant is hiding. After chugging some Josta soda (the TVA’s drink of choice), the two use the bubble gum the Variant gave the kid in 1500s France to triangulate that the other Loki is hiding out in 2050 Alabama, where a hurricane about to hit a Walmart-like convenience store. Leak Navel T-Shirt

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