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"A penalty is a penalty to me, whether it's in the first period, second, overtime, playoff game, regular season, preseason game," May said. "I think there has to be consistency in this and that every game should be refed the exact same according to how that referee calls his penalties. I don't think you should go into the game with a bias towards a certain player. Once again, every game is the same." New York Islanders NHL Design Face Masks
Pittsburgh Penguins destroyed the New York Islanders 6-3 on Saturday night. The Islanders had no answers for the Penguins’ offense as the team tried to make a comeback in the third period.
Class president: The captain, Barkov, has been the biggest star for Florida (though Huberdeau is right there behind him, also scoring 34 points through the first 28 games)."I think [Barkov is] the best player in the world," teammate McKenzie Weeger said this month. "To watch him every single night just giving it his all and really leading by example, it's really inspiring." Dallas Stars NHL Design Face Masks
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"Tim Peel would've been better served, he, unfortunately, got caught in the hot mic, allow me and Joe [Beninati] and [Alan May] and the analysts around the league say, 'that was a make-up call,'" Laughlin said. New Jersey Devils NHL Design Face Masks
“It’s an unfortunate incident,” Gagner said. “Tim has a lot of respect around the game, he’s been in the league a long time. It’s never great to see a guy go out that way. As a player, you never want that to happen.
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Mike Smith stopped 29 shots as he boosted his record to 12-3-1. He is the Oilers undisputed number one goalie at this time with a 2.41 GAA and a .919 save percentage.

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