Gmail unable to send Emails

10 months 3 weeks ago - 10 months 3 weeks ago #3605 by Amara Walker
January 9, 2021, Rajeev joined a new company as Email Marketing Executive where his responsibility was to send bulk emails to the potential clients of the company and collect quality leads from them. But after sometime, Rajeev noticed that Gmail is unable to send emails or if somehow it reaches to them, then it lands to their Spambox.
Because of this issue, Rajeev and his seniors noticed that the amount of lead generation and the sales of graph have been decreased. Then Rajeev researched on this issue on the Internet and found out that Gmail had announced recently that one should not insert any link to the Mail sent. Otherwise, it will either not be sent or marked as spam from the recipient email account.
Then, Rajeev removed all the social media link / unnecessary links from the mail and wrote a authentic mail which was very interesting and took all the interest of the client.
After one month of email marketing, Company found a huge hockey stick growth in sales and lead generation and they promoted Rajeev to Senior Email marketing executive.

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