PayPal log into my account- Step by Step procedure, fixing password not working

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In the past 20 years, the entire world has seen dramatic changes. The world has changed throughout history. These last 20 years have been special. We'll tell you why. It is because of technological evolution like no one else has seen before. This change has led to almost all things moving to the internet. 
PayPal is a pioneer in online money transfers. People don't have to travel far to exchange money with the technological transfer of money technology. You can do it anywhere. PayPal is
international, which is one of its greatest advantages. However, a PayPal login my account is required to access this feature.
How do I log in to my PayPal Account?
We briefly stated earlier that you must complete the PayPal login to use it. PayPal offers two types of accounts: personal and business accounts. The PayPal account set-up procedure is also different. Let's start with the PayPal personal account login :
  • Open the PayPal app and download it.
  • Locate the Sign-up Key.
  • Then select "Personal account".
  • Enter your username and password.
  • They will need your account information.
  • At last click on the "Agree to Create Account"
Login to a business account-
  • Tap on the "Sign up" button to begin.
  • Click on "Business Account", and then click "Next".
  • After completing the information, click on "Agree to Create Account."
  • Log in to these pages with your credentials and verify the accounts. You can pay via PayPal on certain sites. These pages can be accessed online, and you can pay directly.
I forgot my PayPal password. How can I reset my password?
If you have forgotten your PayPal password , here's how you can get back into PayPal.
  • Go to the password reset section to reset your password.
  • Click next after entering your PayPal email address. -Select forgot your email? If you've lost your email account.)
  • After this select how you would like to complete your security check. There are a few options.
These steps will allow you to change your PayPal password:
  • Did you forget your password?
  • After entering your email address, tap next. Did you click forget your email? If you have lost or forgotten your email address, click Forgot Your Email?
  • Next, choose how you would like to complete your security check.
What should I do if I cannot log into PayPal?
If you face any issues in accessing PayPal, log into my account- it could be due to so many different reasons. Your web browser's cookies and cache may need to be cleared if you have trouble logging in. For assistance, consult your browser's manual or Google "How to clear the cache and cookies (Your internet browser name, version, etc., for example, Internet Explorer 11)." These steps will allow you to gain access if you cannot log into your PayPal account because you forgot your password or email address.
  • Open the app and click the "Have You Forgotten Your Password?" button. You can also access the password reset page using a web browser.
  • Enter up to three email addresses you have previously registered and click next to continue.
  • If the email address you provided is not correct, you will be notified.
  • Click on the Continue button if you are unable to remember your password.

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