3 Most Common Types of Quality Inspection

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In this article, we will explore what quality inspection is and when it usually occurs (before production, during and after production). We will also cover the types of quality inspection most commonly used by buyers to verify the quality of the products received. Organizations wishing to conduct quality inspections should contact IPQCCO:

What is quality inspection?
Quality inspection is a concept used to describe the activities of inspecting, verifying, measuring and testing products according to specific requirements to determine whether compliance is achieved. The term quality inspection refers to product verification rather than quality audit. For example, it analyzes the processes and systems involved in the manufacturing process.
Quality inspection agents, also known as quality inspection operators or inspectors for short, usually use pre-determined inspection lists according to product specifications. Conversely, products can be inspected at different times on the production line, such as in the initial stage, during production or after production.

Who can check the product?
  • A quality inspection company shall be designated to the buyer
  • Supplier's own quality controller
3 most common types of quality inspection
The purchaser can use three quality inspections to ensure the quality of the products received by the supplier. Every company must choose the solution that best meets its needs.
Pre production inspection (initial production inspection)
What it is: pre production inspection is an initial inspection of inputs and raw materials that will be used to manufacture a specific product.
How they happen: input random samples can be visually inspected or sent to the test laboratory. In this case, the company can define which inputs are acceptable to ensure the quality of the final product.
Advantages: strengthen the quality control of inputs in the production chain and reduce the risks related to recall, loss and defects.

During inspection ("online inspection" or "in process")
What it is: online inspection is a kind of verification carried out in the manufacturing process, so that the company can better identify errors and ensure the quality of all products.
How they happen: during the manufacturing process, the first batch of off-line products can be checked so that the company can obtain the quality report of representative samples to determine whether these products meet the established product quality standards.
Advantage: it enables the company to identify defects and repair them quickly, avoiding the cost of loss of the whole production.

Post production inspection (final or pre shipment inspection)
What it is: final inspection is a kind of verification of finished products, so that the company can analyze the quality of all products produced.
How it happens: after manufacturing, samples of final products can be collected randomly to verify whether they meet the previously established quality standards. When a company exports products, calculating the quantity of products and batch storage may be part of this process.
Advantages: they guarantee more reliable results because they are carried out in the final product, indicating that they have gone through all stages of production without losing the expected quality.

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