How to Resolve Wifi Disconnecting Issues in Windows 10?

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If your Wifi device stops working, you might be encountering Wifi Drops in windows 10. This problem is a bit troublesome for anyone who has a Wifi router as it makes Wifi rather unstable and prone to frequent connection problems. If you're faced with this problem, then you should know how to resolve them. First things first, it's recommended that if you're experiencing Wifi Drops in windows, the device is either not connected to the computer or there's a problem with the Windows Network settings. You can now get on your computer and run a diagnostic scan to determine what exactly is causing this issue.

Before going into the troubleshooting process, make sure that the Wifi device is turned off. When connected to the computer, power it on but if the device doesn't light up or is just turning off by itself, then you need to turn it off completely. If you have a wired Ethernet connection in your home or office, then use the Network tab in the Wifi Control Panel and select the Manual connection option. You will see an icon for a default wireless connection which is the Wlan connection. Click on that, choose Properties, then go to Disabled.

If you have a Wifi router integrated into your computer or a USB based card reader, then this is caused by the driver being corrupted. Simply download the latest update for that device and install it. You may also want to try updating your virus scanner and spyware removal software. If the problem persists after doing those things, then it could be that the problem is more serious than a simple driver update. If that's the case, then you might need a hardware replacement. However, if the problem remains persistent, then it's likely that you are dealing with a hidden security or network related issue and not a driver problem.

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