How do I reset my Chime password?

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How to Reset Chime Password ?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter your email address, and the last four digits from your social security number to verify your identity. Click Forgot your email address if you don't know it.
Step 3: A verification code will be sent via text message to the number you have saved in your Chime account. Enter the code exactly as it is requested.
Step 4: Go to your email and look for a reset password option.
Step 5: Click on Reset Password To reset your email password.
Step 6: Select and create a new password.
Step 7: You will receive confirmation that your password was reset. Step 7: Receive confirmation that your password has been reset.
Step 8: After you have changed your password and logged in to the app you will be asked for a new 4-digit app code.

Contact Chime Member Support if you have trouble updating your password or email address. Visit:

What is the best way to reset my password if I have a new number?

Step 1: Select login in the Chime app
Step 2: Choose Need Help
Step 3: Select I forgot my password
Step 4: Enter your email address, the last four digits of your social security number, and your password
Step 5: If the verification code is not sent to your phone via text, or you have trouble receiving it from another number, please select Having trouble? Change my phone number
Step 6: Follow the prompts and submit your front and back government ID, along with a 3-angle selfie, to verify your identity
Step 7: After approval, enter your new number.
Step 8: A verification code will be sent to your new number via text. Enter the code exactly as it is requested.
Step 9: After you are successful, you can go to the Sign In page to reset your password.

Will Chime ever request personal information from me?

A chime will not contact you to request your personal information.
  • Full Social Security Number (though the last four digits may be requested)
  • Numbers for Account and Routing
  • Information/debit card number/information (except for the last 4 digits).
  • PIN (but, if we call Chime, you can reset your PIN).
  • Password and username
  • In exchange for services, money
  • In exchange for sweepstakes prizes or rewards, you can get money

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