How to change PayPal password: - 1-844-221-9833 and security question?

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PayPal is a digital payment solution, and it is a widely used payment application. The reach of the PayPal payment application is spread over to almost every country of the world. People can easily send or receive payments with ease. The users can make payments for online and offline purchases with the PayPal Account. The vital information such as debit
card details and bank account information are stored with PayPal. Hence, it is recommended to  change PayPal password  at regular intervals. 
It does not matter whether you  forgot PayPal Password  or you want to change the password for security reasons. You can change your PayPal password in both cases. You need to follow certain steps to reset PayPal password. The step by step guide, to change PayPal password has been provided in this article below. Read all the information carefully and learn how to  reset PayPal password .
How to change PayPal password?
How to change PayPal password , all you need to follow the instructions below:
1.      Visit official on your web browser. 
2.      Access the profile tab and tap the Setting icon.
3.      Click on the 'Security' tab above your name. 
4.      Tap the Update next to Password.
5.      Now, enter your current password in the given box. After that, create your password. Enter the new password twice. 
6.      Click on the 'Change Password' tab.
Reset Your PayPal Password If You Can't Login
Are you facing trouble logging in to your PayPal account? Here you can check the necessary guide to reset your PayPal account password:
1.      Open your PayPal website, i.e.
2.      Visit the login page and tap ' Having trouble logging in ?'
3.      A popup will reflect on the screen, enter the e-mail ID registered with your PayPal account.
4.      Be careful while entering the e-mail Id, enter the Captcha text and go ahead.
5.      Now, reset your PayPal password using the password reset link received on the e-mail.
6.      One can use up to three email IDs to reset the password on the PayPal platform.
How to Reset PayPal Password without Phone Number?
The users can  change password for PayPal account  without having a phone number. One must use the e-mail ID registered with a PayPal account to recreate a new account. There are a few simple steps, which one can follow while changing the password. Simply visit the login page and follow the instruction given above. You can try using up to three e-mail IDs to reset the password.
How can I change your PayPal security questions?
Yes, you can change the security question on PayPal as per the steps below:
1.      Open on your web browser.
2.      Access your account and visit the Security tab. You can find security under the Settings.
3.      Now, tap on Update under the Security questions.
4.      Select the security question from the drop-down menu and provide your answer.
5.      Save the change and proceed.
How do you change your PayPal password?
One can change the PayPal password online on the official PayPal portal. To  reset password for PayPal , the users need to follow the certain guidelines. You have to access the Security tab and then click on the Update next to the Password. Now, enter your old password and set up a new password. You can reset the password even if you have  forgotten PayPal password The steps to reset the password are given above. 
Now, it can be concluded that the users can change their PayPal passwords without any problem. Everyone should change their password after a certain interval to make the PayPal account more secure. If forgot your PayPal password, you can reset the password as per the instruction given above. One can use the linked e-mail ID to change the password on PayPal. Keep changing your password and security questions from time to time.

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