Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that our premium support is awesome. However most of the times you would prefer to go through a list of questions that are quite often asked. The FAQs always help.

Below is the list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that are most likely to answer several questions you may already have about our service.

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Here we present the entire list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked by our new and prospective users. Once you buy a plan, you are always welcome to use our support system to get a premium support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppsConda?
AppsConda is an online platform that provides you a drag and drop feature to build mobile apps without any technical knowledge.
Is it a price that we pay once, Is it a price per app?
The purchase of each plan provides you with one app, in Android and iOS platforms.
What is the difference between the Fully Managed Plan and the Do It Yourself Plan?
With the Fully Managed Plan, everything is on us. We do all of your work for you. With the Do It Yourself Plan, you do it yourself. You will be provided with detailed step-by-step video tutorials, as well as guidance if you ever come across any difficulties.
Is there any limitation with the Do It Yourself Plan?
No, there is absolutely no limitation with the Do It Yourself Plan, as it also includes all the available features.
I am a web designer. Will it help?
As a web designer, you can take this platform to even far, as it beautiful integrates with the custom html, css and even the entire web pages from joomla, wordpress literally any website.
How many apps can I create per plan?
You can create one app within one plan. However, this includes the android, iOS and Web app versions (all of three) from the same plan.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, there are no hidden fees.
What kind of apps can I create?
You can create apps with endless features. Please look at our features page to see the list of all the available features.
Do I need separate plan for android, iOS and Web App?
No, the single plan allows you to get an android app, an iOS app and a web app from the same project.
Do you offer support?
Yes, we provide premium support to the buyers of all the plans.
Is it in White Label?
Yes, the app will be all yours with the White Label feature.
Are the apps already compiled and ready to be submitted to the app stores?
For the APKs (Android app), yes, the APKs will be automatically generated. The IPA file for the iOS apps can’t be automatically compiled from a server, because the compilation process must be done through the Xcode software from Apple, and thus from an Apple computer. That means, iOS apps must be compiled manually, and Android apps will be automatically generated.
How do push notifications work? Do I need to install anything special?
No, all you have to do is to fill out the GCM Key and the Project ID for Android notifications in your backend (the process takes 5 minutes), and that will work for all your apps (no need to do it for each app). For iOS, the notifications have to be set up when the app is published.
How are the apps updated?
Apps made with AppsConda don’t need to be republished when you edit the app for most part of the app.
Do the apps work offline?
Yes the apps are working offline for most of the content: the user will be able to read a content already opened, but will need an Internet connexion to post a comment or send a form, validate a loyalty point, etc.
I design and sell wordpress themes and joomla templates. Can we work together.
In most of the cases, we should be able to work with you and provide your customers a free account to build a mobile app for free. Please contact us for further details and the scope of the integration.