Here we present the entire list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked by our new and prospective users. Once you buy the product, you are always welcome to use our support system to get a premium support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it produce a native app?
Yes, the mobile apps produced through AppsConda are native mobile apps.
Do I need to pay a monthly price?
What are the extensions that are supported by AppsConda?
Does it require to change anything on my website?
How many apps can I create per purchase?
Do I need a separate purchase for android and iOS App?
Does it support push notifications?
How do I send push notifications?
Can I develop plugins to AppsConda?
Where does the app data reside?
Do I need to have any specific tech knowledge to use it?
Do the apps work offline?
How does the app sync with website data? Is there any delay?