Forbes ranks Joomla as one of the best content management systems

Enterprises often choose Joomla as one of the top open-source CMS systems for building websites. Its simple interface makes it more user-friendly than Drupal, but coding skills are still necessary. Joomla strikes a balance between being easy to use and offering powerful customization options for content types.

One of Joomla's biggest advantages is its backend management and content display capabilities. You can set up user group permissions to allow or deny access to specific parts of your site and easily modify those permissions in the CMS. Additionally, updating your site's appearance does not require a complete rebuild of your content, saving you time and money.

While Joomla lacks an official template library, numerous developers have created thousands of premium templates for the CMS. The platform also features a visual editor and offers over 6,000 extensions to customize your site's look and functionality.


Joomla is a suitable choice for new coders entering the web development field due to its simplified interface and built-in functionality.